Suzuki Skywave 125 be Strong

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Suzuki Skywave labor standards of 9.6 dk at 8000 rpm, compared to big competitors. However, a Aldhie maniak the speed, power segitu it is less. From the results of the oprekan, soaring energy almost doubled from the default, ie, 16.01 dk obtained at 4137 rpm. why?, can equal the power take-off? "I just do not Bore up, but step (stroke) is also increased," Spinner Community members leak it. So, what components USED?

Piston is used for products with Malaysia diameter 60 mm. Initially, Aldhie had confused this piston motor for what? Because, I have a Suzuki motorcycle standard size LIKE THAT. "But in Malaysia, I found aftermarket," he added.

Cause skywave component is rare, the father of a child this soon stock some units. Easy way to do smth, luban have the piston pin 14 mm, so it is suitable dengnan Suzuki. Especially ducks and skubek. The simple reason can be entered on the standard bar piston skywave 125.

Step on the piston, rombakannya quite esktrem. standards size changed to 55.2 mm 65.2 mm. The action is quite brave. "Technique, replace the pen stroke 1.5 mm. Then the position of the pen digeser again 3.5 mm, so the total to be 5 mm. Multiplied by 2 because living on the down-so that means 10 mm, "said Aldhie open a new workshop called Rider Bike Shop.

SkywaveUntuk friction pen hole, took him to Aldhie turner reliable. "If a center can rotate," he said. With this change, automatically increased engine capacity 185 cc so. cylinder volume formula (3.14 x 6.0 x 6.52 ²) / 2 = 184.2 cc (185 cc rounded so).

Dyno of data and appropriate greeting Aldhie, when trying motor, acceleration is so quick. In the early draw, with no feel spidometer already reached 80 km / hr.

Those hooked on the changing CDI Skywave 125, may try to trick Aldhie offered. He was to move in the box under the seat baggage. "The position is still the standard not easy to make, the cover must be open a lot of body," the story of this white man. For that he just pull the cables are so easy and now the replacement of its CDI. (Nurfil)

DATA Modifications
Tire front: FDR 80/80-14 (rim Spin)
Rear tire: Battlax 80/90-16
Kem: NMF, 330 degrees
Carburettor: NSR SP 28 PE
Exhaust: carbon Yoshimura
CDI: XP Power Andrion LE 4
Per CVT: Kitaco
Bike Rider: (021) 68866543